Who We Are

Elaut USA is a subsidiary for Elaut, nv, which specializes in manufacturing cranes, pushers, and electromechanical equipment, and has produced the “best earning games on the planet” for the amusement and gaming communities for over six decades – with renowned titles such as Good Luck, Big Choice, Jumbo, Topper Crane, Mega Crane, Giga Crane, EX 1, Big One, eClaw, Gift Man, Mr. Claw, Baby Claw, Wizard of Oz, Willie Wonka, Ticket Circus, etc.

Achiel Verstraeten

Our Belgium Roots

The company was founded in Belgium in 1959 by Achiel Verstraeten. He became the first person to fit a claw machine mechanism with three motors into one independent cart, as well as being the first individual to automate the collection for bumper cars and auto scooters.

Entertaining the World

We have earned a reputation as an innovator of exceptional cranes and pushers; the quality of our games is only surpassed by their cash box collections! Elaut USA was created in 2004 to meet the growing demand for Elaut equipment with subsidiaries in the U.S., Germany, and Spain. Today, the company is still operated by the Verstraeten Family under the leadership of President/CEO Trevor Gianaris. Our South Florida-based team is committed to bringing you the highest standards of unsurpassed craftmanship, profitability – and fun!